We're on a mission to support deserving Americans.

Our mission is to create opportunities for talented Americans, especially those who may be underestimated or overlooked and who, due to geography or other circumstances, have not gotten a fair shot at showcasing their talents as software developers with companies that need their skills.

By hiring our freelancers instead of using offshore software developers, your company can support deserving Americans financially and also create direct economic impacts in U.S. communities that need help.

Focus Areas

While we widely recruit freelancers across the country, our initial outreach is focused on economically-disadvantaged counties (as ranked by the U.S. Census Bureau) in each of the following states and U.S. territory:

New Mexico
Puerto Rico
West Virginia

As can be seen in the map above, these areas of the U.S. suffer from high unemployment rates. However, many of these areas have universities and community colleges nearby with programs that produce talented computer science and software engineering graduates. Many others who live in these areas attended coding academies, programming bootcamps or are self-taught.

Our goal is to find the top software developers in these areas with experience and expertise across a wide array of today’s top programming languages, frameworks and technologies (click here for a comprehensive list) and make them available to your company.

FSN Cares

A portion of our annual profits is allocated to helping the next generation of software developers who live in economically disadvantaged areas of the U.S. in the form of scholarships, donations as well as support of accelerators, bootcamps and online programs.




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